The all-terrain, compact SUV is stylishly suitable to zip around the city with ease.
The all-terrain, compact SUV is stylishly suitable to zip around the city with ease.
Image: Supplied/Land Rover

Land Rover rewrote the rule book when it launched the Range Rover Evoque back in 2011, and it’s done so again with the even more impressive second generation. Designed to give you a new perspective on the city and to take you to places you have yet to explore, the Evoque is so much more than just a sports utility vehicle — it’s modern art, engineered to suit your lifestyle and designed to be evocative. Its new look is inspired by a thing of beauty, the Range Rover Velar. But the Evoque is not a small sibling — it’s a powerful, capable and technological masterpiece in its own right.


The team that created its stunning looks, headed by chief designer Gerry McGovern, has taken the reductionist design philosophy of the Velar and applied it to the Evoque. This means fewer lines, less fuss, more beauty and athleticism. It’s elegant but strong and purposeful.

Design today is as much about technology as it is about the original pencil sketch from which an idea takes shape. The new Evoque features flush door handles which gracefully emerge from the bodywork when the vehicle is unlocked. As you drive away, they disappear back into the doors in perfectly synchronised choreography.


The new Range Rover Evoque is kitted out with new technologies and engineered for comfort.
The new Range Rover Evoque is kitted out with new technologies and engineered for comfort.
Image: Supplied/Land Rover

McGovern describes the new Evoque as an “object of desire”, a perfect description, but not just for its beautiful exterior looks. The interior is all about Range Rover luxury in a compact and urban style; a sanctuary to be desired. Relax in sumptuous upholstery surrounded by simple surfaces, unbroken lines and high-quality materials. But here too is state-of-the-art technology.

The latest TouchPro Duo infotainment system features two perfectly finished touchscreens. The first provides access to audio controls, such as your favourite music-streaming service, as well as satellite navigation and vehicle settings.

It also features Apple CarPlay so you have many of the features you are familiar with on your smartphone. The second, placed ahead of the fighter-jet-inspired gearstick, features climate controls and the settings for the various driving programmes such as dynamic driving or tackling off-road terrain. It all adds to the sense of modern luxury you expect, and it is also elegant in its simplicity of use. 


Land Rover’s engineers have created two pieces of even more impressive technology for the new Evoque. The first is the Clear Sight Rearview, a rearview mirror that can also display a live feed from a camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle. This provides a wider perspective of the world behind you. It also responds to touch so you can zoom in or out to assist when reversing — particularly useful if you have a full back seat or trailer fitted. Unhitch that trailer and explore the great outdoors, and you will be amazed by the Clear Sight Ground View.

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This very clever piece of technology makes the front of the car appear and disappear like magic as you view the camera in the dashboard screen. It provides a perfect view of what is under the Evoque to help you climb over obstacles or crest the summit of a hill. The new Evoque is as much about nurturing your adventurous side as it is about reflecting your confidence and style in the city. 


With so much luxury, status and style, it would be easy to forget that technology is also what propels the new Evoque so effortlessly. Beneath its muscular clamshell bonnet sits either a 132kW diesel or a 183kW petrol engine, both of which are part of Land Rover’s latest Ingenium engine family. The new Range Rover Evoque is powerful in its presence and powerful in its performance. Its elegant design exudes status and style. It lives for adventure as much as it lives for the city. Shouldn’t you?

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