No power output revealed, but Valhalla will get an F1-inspired petrol-electric powertrain.
No power output revealed, but Valhalla will get an F1-inspired petrol-electric powertrain.
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Aston Martin has named its latest hyper car the Valhalla, not after the suburb in Centurion but after the hall of the fallen in Asgard where the souls of those slain in battle are guided to by Valkyrie warrior maidens.

Norse mythology is the mythical landscape that Aston Martin taps into in the naming of its new range of hyper cars, with the new Valhalla (formerly dubbed the AM-RB 003) slotting beneath the flagship Valkyrie (AM-RB 001)

Aston Martin’s latest mid-engined hypercar collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Adrian Newey employs lightweight, full-carbon fibre construction methods and an F1-inspired power train featuring a turbocharged V6 engine combined with a hybrid battery-electric system.

Aston Martin has not divulged much of the car’s technical info or its performance potential but the company has in the past hinted that the car will not be a PHEV (Plug-In-Hybrid Electric Vehicle). 

The first official photograph suggests the Valhalla is a bit more demure and not as radicalized in aerodynamic systems as the Valkyrie. It’s certainly more "street". A cutting-edge cockpit that seats two behind a wraparound windshield is said to overflow with space-age materials and minimised interior distractions.

A steering-mounted info screen is expected to take centre stage, along with discreet ventilation vents and audio speakers.

It will also offer owners additional storage space behind the seats for odd items.

Aston Martin Lagonda President and Group CEO Andy Palmer said: “Aston Martin model names always attract a lot of attention. They do so because they invariably capture an emotion or tell a story. In following the Valkyrie we knew the Aston Martin Valhalla needed to make a strong statement of its own, yet also offer continuity and a clear connection.

“Norse mythology contains such powerful language and rich storytelling it felt only right that the AM-RB 003 should follow the Valkyrie’s theme.”

Aston Martin will build 500 Valhallas and 175 Valkyries.

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