Bugatti Veyron Interior.
Bugatti Veyron Interior.


The sum of $150,000 (R2.16m) can get you many wonderful things, including some very desirable cars if you wish. But the connoisseur of truly finer, left-field gifts should consider this complete interior from a 2008 Bugatti Veyron, which went on sale on eBay. The car’s owner opted for a different colour scheme for the interior and left these brand new parts sitting in a climate-controlled storage facility until now.

The dealership responsible for the sale, Braman Motors in Miami, Florida, is asking the sum for the Veyron’s two seats, seat belts, shift knob, HVAC controls, and steering wheel.

In today’s world it’s not unheard of to retro fit interiors into different cars or perhaps these items could be used to decorate a well-heeled petrol head’s man cave. Available online at Ebay.  


Available in V8, V10 and V12 ranges, the SuperVeloce Nero Carbonio 380 coffee machines are scaled versions of F1 engines of the three most recent decades. Imagine harvesting a delicious expresso made from this hand-built machine that’s beautifully crafted using a motorsport-grade jet black finish with cam covers, aluminum, titanium and carbon fibre as used in high specification Grand Prix engines. Some ranges are also crafted using diamonds and even 18 carat gold. You can also have them in Porsche 911 flat-six form. They cost between R100,000 and R1.8m, depending on the model. Available at SuperVeloce.


When McLaren Automotive and Sparco recently collaborated to offer what is considered the world’s lightest race suit weighing in at just 590g, they matched the FIA-certified, hand-made racing garment to the McLaren RB-8 Racing Shoes. Made of smooth leather, this pair of takkies promises light footwork when putting any car through its paces. Available at Sparco, £232.00 (R4,200). 


This high-end Bluetooth Speaker is constructed using original 911 GT3 exhaust-pipe tips. With Bluetooth 4.0 that’s good for a 10m range and apt-X technology for wireless music streaming from smartphones, tablets or PCs, the 60-watt performance speaker can also be shared wirelessly with another 911 Speaker as a second sound source. With its lithium-ion battery, it can play up to 24 hours without being plugged in. Playback accommodates AUX and USB. It’s the kind of music accessory we’d want to in flaunting our musical tastes. Available at Porsche, €499,00 (R8,170).

Porsche GT3 Bluetooth Speaker.
Porsche GT3 Bluetooth Speaker.
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Few items express your love for all things motoring like a boss chair. This is the official MotoGP chair. It’ll be right at home in your study as you work, study or even play a racing video game (the MotoGP game of course). It’s a replica of those used in the MotoGP paddock. Features include memory foam, shoulder and thigh supports and it tilts and reclines on a pneumatic height adjuster. 
Available at MotoGP, €349.99 (R5,730).   


It’s said that watches, when displayed in shops, are often pre-set to show the time at 10 minutes past 10 o’clock or sometimes 10 minutes to two (“Happy Time”). When displayed at that time the hands on the watch face resemble a smiley face. This helps to subconsciously raise the customer’s mood, which subliminally encourages them to make a purchase. As enthusiasts of motoring brands, we need only the iconic racing colours of Porsche Martini to raise the smiles and Xmas spirit and this Swiss-made Chrono Sport Martini Racing timepiece. Available at Porsche.


The latest edition of the Motorheads Diary is now available. Much more than a diary, it is packed with new information, historical facts and up-dated, hard-to-find motoring knowledge. This is in addition to important dates and carefully researched details about upcoming motoring events.

Designed for casual motoring fans as well as die-hard petrol heads, Motorheads Diary 2019 features profiles and short articles about interesting people and clubs. It also comprises a wealth of helpful and practical information — such as a car club index, useful repair/restoration/service providers and race track/motorsport-related information — all the info you need to fuel your passion for motoring throughout the year.

Available at bookstores or direct from the publishers at email: R218.50.


French carmaker Citroën has has used research that shows that more than 3- million people in Europe suffer from chronic travel sickness, thus they created what is essentially the first glasses designed to eliminate the condition in a matter of minutes. The Seetroën glasses use technology developed by Boarding Ring. The concept is surprisingly simple: the glasses contain a coloured liquid that recreates the horizon line to resolve conflict between the senses.

For the glasses to work, queasy travellers should put them on as soon as they start to experience the first symptoms of travel sickness. After about 10 minutes, the glasses enable the mind to resynchronise with the movement perceived by the inner ear. The user can then take the glasses off and enjoy the rest of their journey.

The Seetroën glasses can be used by adults and children over the age of 10. The glasses don’t have lenses and can be shared with anyone else. They can also be worn over the top of regular glasses and they are ideal to counter motion sickness development in cars, buses as well as on boats and planes. Available at Citroen. €99.

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