Image: Getty Images / John Keeble

Recently, Porsche announced that it has launched a US-based online car sales project in partnership with 25 dealerships across the country to bring the convenience of online shopping to vehicle purchasing.

Not only will customers be able to look for a new car online, they can also digitally complete the accompanying paperwork. The final steps of the purchase will take place at the respective dealership. 

Both new and used cars that are in stock will appear online for clients to browse through. According to the company, the online service "covers all aspects of buying, financing or leasing a selected vehicle, including payment and trade-in calculators, credit approval, and financing and insurance options through Porsche Financial Services." Users can upload required documents such as their ID.

Out of the 191 independently owned and operated Porsche dealerships in the US, 25 are participating in this pilot. The service has been integrated into the websites of the participating dealerships.

Based on how successful this project is, the company will roll out online car shopping to the rest of the country.

A similar service is launching in Germany as part of Porsche's push to digitalize the purchasing experience.

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