Artists Mpho Vackier, Candice Lawrence and Zizipho Poswa in the multi-sensory installation they created in collaboration with Sanlam Private Wealth.
Artists Mpho Vackier, Candice Lawrence and Zizipho Poswa in the multi-sensory installation they created in collaboration with Sanlam Private Wealth.
Image: Supplied/Sanlam Private Wealth

What do artists and the teams at Sanlam Private Wealth have in common? Both aspire to create something of meaning and value to last for generations to come.

In the same way that artists are inspired to create cultural wealth, so Sanlam Private Wealth's teams are driven to craft custom solutions to grow and preserve their clients' wealth.

Just as artists combine different materials and skills to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, so the cross-disciplinary teams at Sanlam Private Wealth construct and administer investment structures, such as local and offshore trusts and companies, and expertly blend a combination of different asset classes in pursuit of the optimal balance point between risk and return. Further depth and dimension are added in the form of global tax structuring and estate planning.

To celebrate this notion of achieving excellence though collaboration and craftsmanship, Sanlam Private Wealth teamed up with a trio of globally-acclaimed artists — engineer-turned-furniture designer Mpho Vackier, ceramicist Zizipho Poswa and innovator Candice Lawrence — to create a unique installation.

A universal symbol of perpetual movement, the circle takes centre stage in the work of all three artists. Gravitating towards the perfection of the circular shape, they integrated and overlaid their signature materials of metal, wood, ceramics and textured, woven elements in repetitive circular patterns to create a communal space for people to connect with each other and themselves.

The array of materials used to create this light-filled, multisensory space is also representative of the fact that each customised wealth solution from Sanlam Private Wealth consists of different parts that have been carefully selected, integrated and overlaid to achieve its clients’ goals, so they can grow and preserve their wealth with confidence, now and for generations to come.

This larger-than-life installation was unveiled at Design JHB earlier this year, and the plan is for it to become a movable exhibit. Follow Sanlam Private Wealth on Instagram to see where it goes next. 

About the artists

Zizipho Poswa, ceramicist and co-founder of Imiso Ceramics

Poswa believes it’s in our nature as Africans to work in a communal approach. Her large-scale, hand-coiled sculptures are bold declarations of African womanhood, inspired by the daily Xhosa rituals she witnessed growing up.

She has exhibited in New York, Paris, Miami and London and her ceramics can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.

Mpho Vackier, engineer turned furniture designer and founder of TheUrbanative

Vackier is guided by the philosophies of craft, collaboration and design evolution and prides herself on always designing with function in mind.

Her work has won numerous awards and has been exhibited at Milan Design Week.

Candice Lawrence, designer, maker, innovator and founder of Modern Gesture

Lawrence believes that a story is embedded into the materials of each piece, capturing the time and care invested in the creation process.

Her work with mixed mediums such as wood, wax cord and various metals was featured in Vogue Germany in 2021. She was also selected to join Forbes’ 54kibo project aimed at introducing top African designers to the US market.

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