The Herd designs.
The Herd designs.
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Having won the Country Road Changemaker Award at the Twyg Sustainable Fashion Awards 2021, The Herd, founded by South African creative Mbali Mthethwa, is a beacon of circular design as well as sustainable and socially-conscious business practices.

With a focus on elevating the craft of beading — a form of communication and art pioneered by Nguni women that has since been whitewashed and exploited — The Herd champions the preservation of the African narrative by empowering women in the community through beading.

Consisting of neck pieces, wall art, and a soon-to-be-launched home-décor range, The Herd’s pieces not only pay homage to Nguni cultural symbols in every shape, line, and colourway but are also artisanal visual masterpieces that call for economic and social change. 

 From the February edition of Wanted, 2022.

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