Still from Artist Story film with Sheila Hicks.
Still from Artist Story film with Sheila Hicks.
Image: The Museum of Modern Art

Lockdown need not be the death of creativity. While you might be stuck in your home, you can still enrich your mind and feed your soul by learning something new — or taking inspiration from creative gurus. Art, design and music are part of the creative sphere and experts are offering online courses for much-needed cultural and creative enrichment during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Museum of Modern Art in New York is not letting the pandemic get in the way of bringing art to the people. The museum has fully embraced the digital landscape, reaching over 30 million people worldwide.  Following its virtual gallery tours, MoMA has launched its What is Contemporary Art? online course. This six-week course covers five major themes (Media from Television to the Internet; Territories & Transit; Materials & Making; Agency and Power), offering an in-depth look at over 70 artworks from MoMA’s collection from 1980 to the present. Learn straight from the experts — artists, architects and designers — about creative process, inspiration and much more.

Where to sign up: Online at Coursera

Duration: Six weeks (11 hours)

How much: Free


One of the world’s most celebrated interior designers, Kelly Wearstler believes “the interior of your home is a soul-reflection of who you are as a person”. And no one wants their home to reflect a dull or chaotic persona, do they. Through her online course, Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design, the award-winning designer wants to help you find your style — and takes you behind the scenes to demystify interior design, so you feel confident making decisions on your journey to create your beautiful home.

WATCH | Kelly Wearstler's Masterclass trailer:

Where to sign up: Masterclass

Duration: 2 hours and 13 minutes (17 video lessons)

How much: R3,000 for all-access pass (R250/month)


First things first — you need to have a piano (for the best learning experience Playground Sessions recommends a digital piano) — or a decent keyboard. Thanks to innovative technology, this online service is making piano lessons fun and easy for everyone. With various levels from rookie to advanced, learn to play songs by John Lennon, Queen, Beyonce and more. And you’ll be learning from the best in the biz — think the likes Quincy Jones and Harry Connick Jr.

Where to sign up: Playground Sessions

Duration: As long as you’d like to play

How much: R340/month ($17.99/month)

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