arteBOTANICA Petit Noir and Rharha.
arteBOTANICA Petit Noir and Rharha.
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Acclaimed performance artist, designer and musician Manthe Ribane is the creative director behind arteBOTANICA, a new event involving diverse artistic disciplines, which promises to immerse guests in inspirational, multisensory experiences.

The inaugural gathering, taking place at Nirox Sculpture Park in the Cradle of Humankind on November 9, uses nature as “the catalyst for synthesising and recognising the exuberance of the diversity in the arts”.

“This year we focus on the fusion of fashion and the arts, acknowledging and interrogating the values of self-adornment and beautification,” says Ribane. Designers, performers and visual artists will be collaborating “without boundaries”, presenting images, garments, sounds, movement and installations throughout the magnificent sculpture park.

Fashion is leading the conversations around African culture and, as artists break down traditional boundaries, we are seeing a vibrant new language and means of creative expression. Ribane says the event gives creatives an opportunity to express themselves without the usual constraints of commerce and also gives the audience the chance to experience their work in new ways.

She says one of the most important intentions of the gathering is to address the narratives around consumerism and sustainability. By luring us out of the cacophony of city life to the quiet of the Cradle of Humankind, Ribane hopes to encourage more conscious consideration of the choices we make about our daily adornments and their provenance. Partnering in the conversation are Fashion Revolution and The Rewoven Co. 

The day promises to be both enlightening and fun, with Ribane insisting that the audience is as important as the participating creatives. She encourages everyone to “express their inner artist” and come appropriately dressed for their engagement with nature. There will be pop-up restaurants (details online, pre-booking required) and more casual street-food-style kiosks on the day.

Among the two dozen featured artists, there are performances by Ribane herself (Dear Ribane) and Petite Noir; work by photographer Trevor Stuurman; fashion designers Wanda Lephoto, Rich Mnisi, Viviers, Black Coffee, Ella Butter and Laduma Maxhosa, as well as work by artist Nandipha Mntambo and perfumer Tammy Frazer. The event culminates in an early evening catwalk in the amphitheatre to the sounds of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

arteBOTANTCA takes place on Saturday November 9 at Nirox Sculpture Park. For bookings and more info visit arteBOTANICA.

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